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Chinese Rice Cutter

Chinese Rice Cutter



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19th century, China

Jewels collects tools of ethnographic importance.  These are objects that contributed, at one time, to the perpetuation of a certain lifestyle and held value as possessions too. Over time, their wear gained the signs of human use, the patina that makes them into objects of beauty.

This piece was used to cut the rice grasses, the staple food of so many Asian peoples.  It is made of wood, so smooth from use.  The patina is just perfection.  The blade remains, but we sealed it with sterling for your protection.  The chain is a beloved design Jewels was known for many years ago.  It is hand pieced sterling chains of different styles.

One of a kind

Tool: 1 7/8 x 3 3/4 x 3/8″
Sterling chain: 30″