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Emerald Green Glass Beads



19th century, French glass trade beads treasured in Morocco- and by us!

Jewels’ finds are rare, her words: “extreme rare”  and it’s true.  She will find a handful of beads or charms fit to her standards on occasion from which she can make a few necklaces.  Then the supply is gone, it seems forever.  A year or two will go by and then she might find some more but it isn’t as if these pieces can be made again.  It is precisely the old and worn, patina covered pieces that are appealing.  So when she finds a cache again it is simply a miracle.

These French glass African trade beads are such gems.  She has made this style a few times in the last 15 years and it is thrilling to see it again, yet its own unique piece.  The colors are slightly varied.  Some have more blue, some yellow and always that emerald green. While the beads are swoon worthy notice the incredible, super fine hand-woven cord and Jewels’ killer design.  This piece took two weeks to make.  Two weeks!

A limited Jewels Standard Design; no two exact

Shortest length: 24.25″

A note about our woven cords.  We weave these by hand, every one of them.   Like all Jewels’ work no two are exact, as each of us.  The work is labor intensive.  When warmed to the skin the cord becomes more supple, conforms to the wearer, hangs at it should; the necklace transforms more than just a necklace.  It becomes her.