Gold Rosette Headdress Charm Necklace



19th – early 20th century, Berber, Morocco
These gold foil headdress charms are lovely, playful and feminine.  Jewels has collected them all over Morocco and has used them in many of her designs.  The supply is not endless so while she can make these in numbers it won’t be for long. The gold is tribal so sometimes the content can have more yellow or rose tones.  We try to keep each necklace consistent but thankfully they are not machine perfect.  The sizes vary, not much, but just enough to remind us that these are hand made, and worn for decades acquiring the human touch.  We back each charm with riveted sterling sheet and the chain, of course, is sterling too.

A Jewels limited design standard: no two exact

Average charm: 7/8″ diameter
Sterling chain: 15.75″