Jewels’ Headdress Medallion Necklace



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Early to mid 20th century, Berber, Morocco
Jewels has made this design for many years as it is a classic and we have many requests.  Having said that, it means she is able to make an average of one a year these days.  She searches everywhere for these old gorgeous silver headdress charms.  Each was hand etched or stamped and cut with unique designs.  They are so whimsical and alluring.  Jewels manages to always find that one that differs completely from the others in such a magical way.  But maybe that one is different for every eye?  The medallions are silver and we restored them with riveted sterling frames.  The chain too is hand made and sterling.

A Jewels’ Standard Design; no two exact

Largest medallion: Just under 2″
Smallest medallion: 1.25″
Necklace length: 32.5″