Naga Shell Bracelet



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19th century or earlier, Nagaland, NE India

Jewels bought a collection from a Naga princess.  Among the collection only a few fit the criteria for a perfect piece.  So Jewels has made the selections for those we can produce; all of them gorgeous!

These shells were cut from the center of South Indian Ocean chank shells (Turbinella pyrum), which are very similar to conch shells, just another closely related species. In some cases, the shells were actually drilled and made into wearable beads by Angami Nagas, who would have traded for them via Assam, India. Each is different but all come from the same species of mollusk.The shell cutting industry in South India has not been active for more than one hundred and fifty years.
Jewels has made a very modern design with these gorgeous shells that can be worn any season.  At check out please give the circumference of your wrist.
A Jewels Limited Standard Design; no two exact.