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Radiant Cowries



19th century and earlier, Africa
Jewels looks all over Africa for these fabulous shells.  Yes you can find a lot of new ones, buffed and treated to look, well, new.  These are old, worn and traded, covered with history, the livelihood of generations over the years.  They were used as adornment, fitted to the hair and clothing illuminating her nobility.

This gorgeous design is a true art piece.  The weaving of the cords took over a week and well worth the time.

A Jewels Limited Edition Design; no two exact

Length: 16.5″
Average shell: just over .75″

A note about our woven cords.  We weave these by hand, every one of them.   Like all Jewels’ work no two are exact, as each of us.  The work is labor intensive.  When warmed to the skin the cord becomes more supple, conforms to the wearer, hangs at it should; the necklace transforms more than just a necklace.  It becomes her.