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Rare Indian And Ceylon Coins



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13th century, India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Jewels collected these unbelievably gorgeous bronze, silver and copper coins over a period of a one year, give or take.

We bezeled the coins in silver and made the sterling tube chain, a Jewels’ signature design.  While as a rule, Jewels does not wear color it is the verdigris in the ancient metals she happily makes the exception.  Look closely at the coins and you’ll see that beautiful blue/green.

The necklace is a style she has done in the past, lauded by many across the globe.    However you will be hard pressed to run into someone with the same/similar necklace.  Hence, it is for this that makes Jewels (and you) one-of-a-kind.     Swoon-worthy.

Central coin: 1 1/8″ diameter

Necklace length: 20.25″