Petit Monochrome Bead Necklace



19th century and before
Sometimes it can take weeks just for Jewels to hand pick each bead from her stashes.  Sometimes she doesn’t have the right mix and she’ll have to wait until the perfect bead(s) appear.  Currently she’s creating a collection of very diminutive pieces.  It’s an exercise in patience: for the right material, the design and the intense work to weave such a tiny cord.

These gorgeous beads are small mother of pearl Moroccan prayer beads, ancient shell heishi, glass and stone.  It’s art and slow fashion at it’s purest.

One of a kind

Cental bead: 7/16″
Necklace length: just over 20.5″

A note about our woven cords.  We weave these by hand, every one of them.   Like all Jewels’ work no two are exact, as each of us.  The work is labor intensive.  When warmed to the skin the cord becomes more supple, conforms to the wearer, hangs at it should; the necklace transforms more than just a necklace.  It becomes her or him.