Saharan Leather Amulet



Mid 20th century, Tuareg or Amazigh
Sewn in these wonderful leather amulets are prayers asking for protection. This wonderful amulet still has remains of decorative stamping.  They were put on the necks of goats, cows, sheep etc.   Of course, people wore (wear) them as well among their other talismans and adornments.  The incredibly fine work of the cord was done by Fedua in our Marrakech atelier.  This is work that can take days. The beads are also rare and wonderfully worn Venetian made, 17th – 18th century.

One of a kind

The leather pouch:  2 x 1 1/8″
Cord length: 22.25″

A note about our woven cords.  We weave these by hand, every one of them.   Like all Jewels’ work no two are exact, as each of us.  The work is labor intensive.  When warmed to the skin the cord becomes more supple, conforms to the wearer, hangs at it should; the necklace transforms more than just a necklace.  It becomes her or him.